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EI 2022: Call for Participants

Deadline April 10th


"Embodied Interventions" is a venue for interdisciplinary experimentation, collaboration, and the sharing of new performance-based works in two parts: a laboratory and a showcase.


We are proposing three roles within Embodied Interventions:

  • showcaser (project or presentation almost done, not needing additional collaborators and wanting to share publicly),

  • instigator (seed idea or partial work, needing time and collaborators), 

  • collaborator (wanting to join in creative development and explorations).

You can be more than one, but we will limit cross-over between groups for scheduling ease and covid safety. 

IMPORTANT: Discussions and visits of the spaces with the organizers will happen the week of April 11-15 to help us better understand the needs of your projects. Please make sure you are available at least one afternoon that week to speak with us.

Fill out the Call for participants by April 10th to participate in this incredible whirlwind of a creative residency and public presentations! 



  • April 25-May 1 (Mon-Sun) COLLABORATIVE ENCOUNTERS - SenseLab Space: A laboratory-type residency to initiate and create projects.

  • May 2-6 (Mon-Fri) PROJECT DEVELOPMENT - SenseLab and VPS: A laboratory-type residency to finalize projects.

  • May 7 & 8 (Sat-Sun) PRESENTATIONS/PERFORMANCES - SenseLab, the Video Production Studio and Various Milieux Spaces: Two days of public presentations including time between performances for eating, drinking, and the sharing of ideas. This year, the projects you present can be integrated into the 2022 Year-end show case, "In the middle, a chimera."


We will organize project work times to avoid everyone being in everyone’s projects and will continue to be in touch about evolving COVID-19 safety protocols and structuring this event to be as safe as possible.


Please be in touch if you have specific concerns about COVID safety accessibility and any other form of accessibility during the residencies and showcase weekend. We’ll do our best to support your needs.

If you are unfamiliar with the LePARC spaces, stop by EV 10.765 at some point during these times and we’ll show you what we’re working with!

  • April 13, 13h30-14h30

  • April 15, 13h-17h

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