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EI 2024: Call for Participants

Deadline March 18, 2024

"Embodied Interventions" is a student-led platform for interdisciplinary experimentation, collaboration, and the sharing of performance-based works. Over two weeks, Embodied Interventions facilitates a laboratory-type residency incorporating creation time, shared practice, workshops, movement practices, artistic advising, production time and performance prep, culminating in a public showcase. 
This year we ask what is performative inquiry and how does it fit within the academic context? "Embodied Interventions" is a venue for interdisciplinary experimentation, collaboration, and the sharing of performance-based works. Embodied Interventions' (EI) intention this year is to be a platform for performance-as-research and a space to explore how performative inquiry can be used within the academic research context. 
Our hope is to come together and share our approaches to performance in relation to research, however above all else EI is a space and venue for experimentation. All students, from any Milieux cluster, are welcome to take part.



Whether you wish to develop new work with others, bring forward work to showcase, or share your performance-based research in the form of a talk or other formats, EI is an opportunity to participate in a collective platform culminating in a weekend of public performances across an array of spaces: LePARC's commons, residency room, video production studio, Concordia’s Fine Arts Black Box and other public spaces. 


During this introductory week, ideas and bodies converge. Through conversation and improvisation the silhouettes of chimeric creations begin to emerge. From Monday to Friday, participants will be invited to begin with a movement-based activity each morning followed by a working period in groups in the afternoon and a facilitated feedback session in the evening. Throughout week one and two a resident artistic advisor will regularly circulate the working spaces facilitating conversation and providing feedback where needed. By the closing of this week the site, scale, duration, artists involved, and technical needs for the work will be finalized proving the skeleton for the week to come. 



This is the week that projects will be concretized. Site-specific works may begin to develop in situ, performance scripts embodied, sounds, movements, and images will be composed. Participants are invited to participate in a series of workshops facilitated by new media and performance-based artists Emilie Morin and Ryan Clayton as part of their exhibition Le spectre anime nos os/ The spectre animates our bones at the FOFA Gallery which focus on combining digital and physical worlds through movement.  



Over the weekend the works developed over the prior two weeks will be shared in a public showcase. This is an occasion to see each other’s projects in their fullest form, exchange ideas with the public and document the creations.



  • Available spaces: RR, VPS, LePARC COMMONS


  • Available spaces: RR, VPS, LePARC COMMONS, BB


  • Available spaces: RR, VPS, LePARC COMMONS, BB


We are proposing three roles within Embodied Interventions:

  • 1) SHOWCASER: Showcasing participants will join the production week to finalize a work (with the help of collaborators) for the public performance weekend.

  • 2) COLLABORATOR: Collaborating participants will be matched in groups based on interest for the ideation of a project. Put your approach in dialogue with others to explore and create new work together. 

  • 3) PRESENTER: Present an art talk, performance/research practice, workshop, or other style presentation.

FILLING THE FORM BELOW (by clicking the RED BUTTON) is the first step to participating in this incredible whirlwind of a creative residency and public presentations! Please do so by MARCH 18, 2024.

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