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We are a community of interdisciplinary performance practitioners made up of faculty, students, artists and affiliate researchers united by the desire to collaborate. 


Our research-creation areas include participatory performance, collaborative creation, sound and music, oral history performance, intermedia performance, technologies, dramaturgy, contemporary circus, amongst many more.

LePARC reserves specific times in research spaces for members to use as needed, to develop their work.

One day per residency is set aside for interested members to come together collectively to practice, embody, and put into dialogue their ideas.

We are open to various residency formats so please get in touch if you have a specific idea!


LePARC faculty and student members can use the Residency Room (EV 10.785) or Video Production Studio (EV 10.760) for week-long research and creation residencies during the following periods:

February 20-26, 2023 - Residency Room

- mornings still available

March 20-26, 2023 - Residency Room

- available

To residency time, please send

  • Full name and contact info

  • Short project description, can be informal (100 words)

  • Preferred days and ideal schedule

  • Interest in sharing process via open-studio/discussion (yes/no/maybe)


to leparc.milieux@gmail.comResidencies are available first come first serve until the schedule is full.



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