ALLISON PEACOCK | Expanded Practice and Theories of Nature

Using modes of choreographic practice and dance methodologies to critically engage with local spaces such as urban gardens, forests, and corporate gardens, as well as the corresponding maintenance practices.


CHRISTIAN SCOTT | Urban Somatics

I explore how memory/identity/space intersect in urban sites; special attention to play, feminist utopias, and the more-than-human.

Chris Jordan

ELENA STOODLEY | Blue-eyed soul and sound design

Singing, songwriting and production in the Blue-eyed soul genre: I compose on a loop pedal with a negro spiritual approach, and blend my passion for social justice and black liberation with my art practices.


JOE THIBODEAU | Selfhood and Sensation

I research the sense-of-self as a medium for understanding our connections with nonhumans and the environment.


NIK FORREST | From Experimental to Ecological

Sound as an ecological medium defies normative boundaries between self/ other/ environment as well as oppositional binary categories (inside/outside, natural /unnatural): it suits the social challenges of our current moment, including questions of gender + sexuality.



Corporeality in relation to space and time, materiality, cycle, thresholds, systems, mapping.


MAX HUNTER | Queer Performance Undone

Reimagining the idea of (un)gendered bodies in spaces through multidisciplinary performance.


Instagram: @annagramqueerlesque


TRICIA ENNS | Narratives of Saint-Laurent Metro Station

A Slow Materialized Discovery of the Saint Laurent Metro Station: embodiment, walking, narratives, materiality, intimacy, slow, participatory, audiowalk, playful, papermaking, mapping

Emily Gan

KELLY KEENAN | Dancing with Metaphoric Anatomies

In movement and dance training the models we use to understand our bodies become the foundations of practice profoundly shaping how we think, move with and imagine what a body can do.


Christine cricri Bellerose | I Dance Land

An Autotheory/Autoethnography of Multiple Somatic Dimensions Experienced in Eco-Performance: Reactivating Somatic Connection to the Land .

Dominique Bouchard

EMILIE MORIN | Skype as a performative platform

 Dance, performativity, screens, Skype, domestic technologies, arepresentational, intimacy, layers/filters, voice, singularities.



Gender, environmentalism, space and improvisation through multichannel installation audio/video works & mixed media live performances: as a soloist and a prominent member of the Concordia Laptop Orchestra


MICHAEL WATTS | The Immersed Body

Looking at design and creation of movement through visual/digital art, +  the admiration of the physical body in its performative state to decontextualize the original
form + flirt with masculine identity narratives. Inspired by contemporary dance, circus, bodybuilding, and wrestling.


PETER FARBRIDGE | Theatre Generator of Culturally-Safe Spaces

 An examination of the intercultural approach of the Modern Times Stage Company. Theatre, inclusion, ethnocultural, pluralism, interculturalism, citizenship.


SHEENA BERNETT | Neurodiverse performance and perception, exploring transmodality

Research-creation doctoral work that investigates alternative and experimental approaches to creation and performance practices, with the performing arts as a site and language to facilitate neurodiverse thinking and communication.



A comic self portrait coming to life, from one dimensional to three dimensional. Exploring the awkwardness, tensions, and uncertainties of being in the world.

Catherine Asselin-Boulanger


Kaleidoscopic Bodies

An exploration of choreographic languages ​​questioning contemporary and historical corporealities. 

Considering formalism and inter/multidisciplinary approaches of Oskar Schlemmer, Loie Fuller, Manon De Pauw, contemporary visual artist with whom I collaborate.


DANA DUGAN | Circus Body

Circus body as a site for cultivating productive tensions and dialogues through the concept and practice of critical subjective disobedience.


HUBERT GENDRON-BLAIS | Résonances manifestes: Music, affects & politics

A sound study on how ambient sounds can participate to the consistence of the affective communities, and how some music processes can orient the experimentation of new ways to gather in the event.


LUKE SHIROCK | Resonance Machines

Sound Studies, Affect, Relational Art, Voice, Production of Subjectivity, Gender


OLIVIA MCGILCHRIST | Feminist and Post-colonial Virtual Reality

Multimedia artist and educator, engaged in questions about the representation of identity in embodied virtual space. My research-creation doctoral work investigates how VR may trouble how we portray and perform the many versions of ourselves and others, both near and far.


QUINLAN GREEN | Performance-Space-Text

Engaging with avant-guard theatre-making techniques and critical race theory, using space-specific text, authentic movement, and various forms of live-art/poetry, to research the semiotics of performance. The aim is towards pragmatic representations of identity politics, via a personal subjectivity which intersects with Black and queer lenses.

Kaitlyn Ramsden



Contemporary dance / anthropology / sensorium / liminality

Eva Robayo

XDZUNÚM DANAE TREJO-BOLES | the rod | la vara

A series of variations (physical explorations) between the human body and the rod; rods as measures of space, extensions of the body, weaponry, points of balance, paddles, propulsors, writing tools, etc., but also in the transformations they create in individual(s). What effect do external elements have on our physical and cognitive patterns?


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Angélique Willkie

Eldad Tsabary


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