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Angélique Willkie


© 2023 by Jessica Sofia Lopez


LePARC unites several research entities headed by faculty members, connecting multiple communities of artist-researchers to the Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture, and Technology.


Become a Member​. LePARC welcomes researchers, students of all levels, faculty, and affiliate artists and scholars from all disciplines with an interest in performance.

The SenseLab is a laboratory for thought in motion.Based in Montreal, the SenseLab is an international network of artists and academics, writers and makers, from a wide diversity of fields, working together at the crossroads of philosophy, art, and activism. 

Faculty head: Erin Manning


matralab is a research space for inter-x art directed by Sandeep Bhagwati at Concordia University in Montréal. It is dedicated to using interdisciplinary art practices to bridge the gap between emerging art forms and their aesthetic reflection. 

Faculty head: Sandeep Bhagwati


The Working Group on Contemporary Circus Research has become one of the foremost research-creation groups in the emerging field of contemporary circus studies. The Working Group is based at Concordia but also affiliated with the National Circus School of Montreal’s CRC in Circus Arts.

Faculty head: Louis Patrick Leroux


Concordia Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk), is simultaneously a course in the electroacoustics studies major and a research/creation entity focused on improvisation studies and educational research, under the Interdisciplinary, Networked, Telematic, Laptop Orchestra Project (INTLOP). 

Faculty head: Eldad Tsabary


Resonance Lab is a virtual and exiguous research-creation which serves as a base for performative resonant creative responses to existing works of literature through theatre, circus, video installation or any other suitable form. 

Faculty head: Louis Patrick Leroux