As performance practitioners we articulate our research through our diverse practices. These practices are compositional, participatory, theatrical, performative, choreographic, perceptual, dramaturgical, improvisational and comprovisational.​

These research projects are initiatives anchored in LePARC, led by our members and benefiting from LePARC resources.


This is a two-year, international research-creation project led by research-practitioner Angelique Willkie that aims to rethink the body of the dancer as a political site of corporeal singularity and an active point of departure for creation, rather than merely an instrument for channeling the creativity of others.

The dancer’s body is often thought of as a vessel for the choreographer’s creative input, yet many choreographic processes rely on the embodied improvisational responses of dancers to generate movement and theatrical material for development and performance. Furthermore, audiences never read bodies on stage neutrally: race, gender, age and movement style affect the way a dancer’s body is interpreted. In our current political climate where visible minorities do not have the luxury of being blank canvases, performance is a crucial space in which to interrogate notions of identity, perception, and agency, rather than bury those individualities under fantasies of neutrality.

This project spearheads much-needed discourse between Montreal, a hub for performing arts in Canada, and Europe, where dance dramaturgy has established roots. The project’s overall goal is to strengthen the position of dramaturgy in the field of dance, currently a fledgling practice in Canada, and shift dramaturgical reflection about creative processes, with emphasizing the corporeal dramaturgy of the dancer as a source rather than a repository or medium.


Embodied Interventions is a performative platform for the research-creation projects of LePARC’s student membership. Structured as a week-long creation residency in Concordia’s Black Box, some of the projects are the fruit of months of individual or collaborative gestation, others are born of spontaneous meetings during the residency itself. The event culminates in a weekend of presentations, performances, discussions, workshops and reflections to share the various projects and practices that compose our student members.


Every semester LePARC reserves specific times for members to use as needed, to develop their research in the Video Production Studio. One day per residency is set aside for a collective residency in which any interested LePARC members may come together to practice, embody, and put into dialogue with their ideas.


The following projects were developed by artist-researchers within the VPS residencies.


ChampdAction.LAbO is a laboratory for young creators, organized by Antwerp-based production platform for new music and interdisciplinary arts ChampdAction, and part of deSingel's International Summer School. Its main purpose is creation through means of communication and interaction between the various arts disciplines: dance, music, fine arts and others.


In August of 2019, Emilie Morin, Philippe Battikha and Ayam Yaldo attended with Angelique Willkie, and we will again have a student presence with LePARC in August 2020.


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Angélique Willkie


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