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LePARC welcomes researchers, students of all levels, faculty, and affiliate artists and scholars from all disciplines with an interest in performance.

Being a LePARC member means you have a willingness to inhabit the space with your research and/or performance practices and to do so in conversation with others in the same boat. You're encouraged to propose moments of exchange, and to bring your own interests into our activities.

What happens at LePARC happens because members have proposed it, so come chat with me about what you've got up your sleeve. Members dialogue and collaborate with one another through regular talks, resear
ch projects, workshops, performance events, and mini-residencies, as well as yearly LePARC events.


  • Membership is free.

  • Everyone must renew their membership each fall for it to remain active.

  • Students, visiting researchers, research assistants and affiliate artist must have a full-time faculty supervisor who is a LePARC member and can recommend them to the cluster

  • To become an active member write to You will be invited to fill out a form.



Assistant Professor, Theatre


Assistant Professor, Contemporary Dance


​Assistant Professor, Art History.


If you do not wish to become an active member, but would still like to be kept up to date about LePARC activities, you can also request to join our mailing list.  join us >

Full and Part-time Faculty across disciplines.

Masters, Doctoral, Undergraduate​.

Affiliate Artist Researchers.

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