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In an effort to share the events and projects at LePARC more widely, we are exploring a variety of traces and translations of our performances, discussions, processes and workshops.

This growing selection experiments with how to render these materials accessible online through images, video and audio documentation.

Wendt&Dufaux ectoplasmic studies 2020.jpg

Sarah Wendt and Pascal Dufaux's process in Embodied Interventions, 2020.


Streams of Resistance: Black Bodies in Space-Time

March 16, 2021

Artist scholars Deanna Bowen and Kara Keeling discuss using different languages to articulate blackness, the (de)construction of narratives around black bodies, identity and its shifts in space and time.

CLOrk: An Opera in LePARC

"Mixed Messages, No Pants"

April 15, 2021


Concordia Laptop Orchestra and LePARC present a networked premier of Juanita Marchand Knight's mini opera "Mixed Messages, No Pants", a four-movement improvisatopera about pandemic job loss, artificial intelligence, and pyjama bottoms.


Wynn Holmes: Expanded Workshops with the CCOV

May 2, 2021

An audio archive of the 2nd Edition of our expanded, embodied and virtual workshops, in collaboration with the Centre de Création O Vertigo and edited by Dorian Bell with support from Milieux Institute.


A Week with Frederik de Bleser: Performance and AI

February 23-25, 2022


"In the bodily preamble to De Bleser’s talk, a series of terms presented themselves for reflection: locality and distribution, presence and distance, body and image. A series of threads woven between this definitive pair of the digital and the physical."


RISE Opera: Why Do We Dream?

March 17, 2022


Sparked and driven by Valentina Plata. A lucid dream in a massively collaborative, intersensory performance at Concordia’s EV building. Singers (human and not), masked dancers, community musicians, costumed actors, chaos (f)actors, laptopists, sound sculpturers (physical and metaphysical), brain imagers, painters, object handers, dream journal reciters, deep dreamers, live coders, shape shifters, and happy campers enact a lucid dream in a collectively improvised performance. 


Embodied Interventions 2022

May 7-8 2022

Following an intensive residency of interdisciplinary collaboration and performance creation, over ten artists and researchers shared their work in this two-day student-led showcase. The performances, installations and discussions took over various Milieux Institute spaces, inside and out.

View the full program here

Traces + Media

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