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Embodied Interventions

2022 Program


May 7, 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM EST
May 8, 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM EST

Concordia University, Milieux Institute, EV Building 11th floor

Following an intensive residency of interdisciplinary collaboration and performance creation, over ten artists and researchers will share their work in this two-day student-led showcase.


Come encounter these projects and share reflections in informal discussions and exchanges along the way. 



The performances, installations and discussions will take over various Milieux Institute spaces, inside and out over the course of several hours. Bring a friend and stay for as long as you like.

Saturday, May 7

1st cycle

4pm, Opening


4:10, Raw Material Presence [interactive installation-making]

Nuria Alvarez Coll


4:45, Space Inquiries for Field-Making [performance]

Quinlan Green


5:15pm, black light, white noise [performance]

Dana Dugan


5:45pm, Collaborative performance processes [discussion]


2nd cycle


6 pm, Installations discussion and tour

Nora Gibson, Max Hunter, Tricia Enns

6:30, Space Inquiries for Field-Making [performance]

Quinlan Green


7pm, black light, white noise [performance]

Dana Dugan

7:40pm, the pod [performance]

Max Hunter


8:15pm, Touch Me [demonstration]

Tricia Enns


8:30, Discussion with artists + Closing celebration

Sunday, May 8

1st cycle

12 pm, Opening

12:15pm,  Walk Your Talk [performance]

Bureau of Non-competitive Research

*45 min outside, walking with breaks.


1:30pm, A Picnic [discussion]

Bureau of Non-competitive Research

*Out on the 11th floor Terrace! Bring your lunch.

Light snacks provided.


2:40pm, Twoodles [performance]

April White


3 pm, Cradle [performance]

Sue Proctor

2nd cycle


3:45pm-4:45pm, Cyborg Interfaces

Idun Isdrake


4.45pm, Twoodles [performance]

April White


5:15pm, Cradle [performance]

Sue Proctor


5.30pm, Closing celebration


Bureau of Non-competitive Research (Victoria Stanton & Stacey Cann), Nuria Alvarez Coll, Dana Dugan, Tricia Enns, Nora Gibson, Quinlan Green, Max Hunter, Idun Isdrake, Julie Morisod, Nil Null, Sue Proctor, April White. 

Read the artist biographies here.


The 2022 edition of Embodied Interventions was organized by Lucy Fandel, Max Hunter and Malte Leander, with the support of the Milieux Institute of Arts, Culture and Technology, the Performing Arts Research Cluster (LePARC) and co-directors Angelique Willkie and Eldad Tsabary.

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