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Embodied Interventions

2022 Artists


Bureau of Non-competitive Research

Victoria Stanton & Stacey Cann. More at


Nuria Alvarez Coll


Nuria Alvarez Coll is architect specialized in earth construction. With the desire to seek other artistic expressions, she studies for two years physical theatre (Jacques Lecoq’s method). Currently she is and theater director of Colectivo Terron and PhD in CRESSON Laboratory (France) and Visiting Scholar of Concordia University’s Centre for Sensory Studies. Her research creation is untitled: “Raw design: tactile function and primary matter to contextualize architecture”. More at

Dana Dugan


Dana Dugan is mother, performer, artist-scholar, and dramaturg.  Currently, a doctoral student at  Concordia’s Humanities Interdisciplinary Program (Montreal, QC), Dana’s practice-based research moves through the fields of performance, black studies, and process philosophy. Her embodied research critically burrows deeply into her preoccupations with her role as a performer in society, its dramaturgies, and its power for transformation. More at

Tricia Enns


A curious dabbler, who gets bored easily while finding the most mundane fascinating. Tricia Enns is a Master's of Design student at Concordia who loves to laugh, by herself or with others. Most recently Tricia is playing with electronics to explore how they can be used to draw out the materiality and 'thingyness' of the materials around us. More at

Nora Gibson


Nora is currently pursuing her masters degree at Concordia University in Montreal in the area of Intermedia, in order to further develop her work in cross-disciplinary research-creation as between choreography, digital media, STEM fields, and academia. More at

Quinlan Green


Quinlan is engaging with avant-guard theatre-making techniques and critical race theory, using space-specific text, authentic movement, and various forms of live-art/poetry, to research the semiotics of performance. The aim is towards pragmatic representations of identity politics, via a personal subjectivity which intersects with Black and queer lenses.

Max Hunter


Max Hunter is an interdisciplinary artist and drag performer. Having just finished their graduate research in non-binary/trans drag performance, their work explores themes of Camp, failure, and joy. More at mx.max.hunter 

Idun Isdrake

Idun's work at Embodied Interventions, with Nil Null, is a demo of a cyborg interface followed by an open discussion about body modification connected to identity, neurodiversity, selective mutism and trauma from not being heard. The work includes planetary accountability and co-creation with other entities. More at

Julie Morisod

See Julie in performance here.


Nil Null


Sue Proctor


Sue Proctor is a doctoral student in the INDI program, the focus of her thesis is the relationship of clowning to community and culture. Sue uses clowning to inform her work teaching drama to all abilities and creates performances combining clown/storytelling/puppets. Her Master’s thesis  -  “The Archetypal Role of the Clown as a Catalyst for Individual and Societal Transformation”.

April White


April White (they/them) is an MFA Studio Arts Candidate at Concordia University. April makes art for exhausted, emotional, and overwhelmed people. For the past two years, April has been working with a persona named Noodle. This persona helps spark conversations around the performance of the self in everyday life, which is a core research interest in April’s art practice. More at / @aprilmarylynn.


The 2022 edition of Embodied Interventions was organized by Lucy Fandel, Max Hunter and Malte Leander, with the support of the Milieux Institute of Arts, Culture and Technology, the Performing Arts Research Cluster (LePARC) and co-directors Angelique Willkie and Eldad Tsabary.

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