Embodied Interventions is a week-long performative platform for the research-creation projects of LePARC’s student membership.


The student-led event culminates in a weekend of presentations, performances, discussions, workshops and reflections to share the various projects and practices of our cluster.




This spring, the LePARC planned to host Embodied Interventions from May 4th to 10th 2020, to provoke a sharing of performance practices amongst the Concordia community and beyond. We opened a call for “instigations”: ideas, scores, prompts for creative processes, which we shared with interested students, artists and researchers of the LePARC community.


Some of these instigations were well on their way when the event was cancelled due to COVID-19, while others remained in a more embryonic stage. Some are ongoing and evolving while others are simply not suited to a physically distant context. With the inspiring creative efforts of the Embodied Interventions artist-researchers as our impetus, the event coordinators, Aaron Richmond, Ayam Sabah, and Lucy Fandel are now proposing alternative forms of instigations, with gratitude, to the cluster and larger community.


Members of the extended LePARC community are invited to lead embodied interventions in this new reality. The basic format we propose includes, an introductory virtual meeting session in which you share a prompt, a score, an idea, a process. This intervention can happen in real time, or in a given interval (eg: for 30 minutes each day, 1 full day, on your own time). Once the duration of the prompt is over participants reconvene for a reflective discussion and to share documentation of their exploration.

To propose an intervention for the LePARC community to explore in concert, write to leparc.milieux@gmail.com.​ We'll happily discuss with you how best to invite people into a physically distant togetherness.


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