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ChampdAction.LAbO ​ 

ChampdAction.LAbO is an annual and international 10-day laboratory in Antwerp for artistic creators of all disciplines, ethnicity and gender with an openness and curiosity for transdisciplinary work. 


Every summer since 2019 (with one exception), LePARC has attended LAbO with a small cohort and cluster co-director Angélique Willkie to participate in the creation lab at the deSingel School in Antwerp. We're excited to once again bring a Milieux presence to the summer 2022 LAbO and encourage students across clusters to come learn more at Frédérik de Blaser's Walk in LePARC about Performance and AI on Wednesday February 23.

About ChampdAction.LAbO 2022.



In 2020, LePARC was invited once again to participate, with support from the Concordia Dean of Fine Arts. Due to the public health situation, the entirety of the lab was held online via Mozilla.hubs.

Learn more here.

LePARC Participants:

Tricia Enns

Lucy Fandel

Max Hunter

Olivia McGilchrist

Melina Scialom

Xdzunúm Trejo

LAbO.2019 Projects:

Silence (Melina Scialom + Tricia Enns)

Un-coordinate (Xdzunúm Trejo, Lucy Fandel, Tricia Enns + Max Hunter)

Common ground (Xdzunúm Trejo, Lucy Fandel, Tricia Enns + Max Hunter)

Nightdreams of Water (Olivia McGilchrist + Lucy Fandel)

Expel Distanz (Xdunúm Trejo)

Night-dreams-of-water_Alisa Kobzar, Katarzyna Trzewik, Vlad Boyko, Anzor Ghudushauri, Lucy Fandel, Linus Miller, Olivia Mc Gilchrist.
Common-ground_Lin Gerritse, Lucy Fandel, Vladyslav Boyko, Tricia Enns, Max Hunter, Olivia Mc Gilchrist, Katarzyna Trzewik, Xdzunúm Trejo Boles, Alisa Kobzar.jpg


In 2019, four LePARC student members were invited to attend, along with Angelique Willkie as one of the faculty for the laboratory.

LePARC Participants:

Carmine Santavenere

Philippe Battikha

Ayam Yaldo

Emilie Morin

LAbO.2019 Projects:

Tardigrade Estate (Carmine Santavenere + Emilie Morin)

Outlaw Orchestra (Ayam Yaldo + Philippe Battikha)

Course Of Action (Philippe Battikha)

Who Said So? (Ayam Yaldo)

DSC_3463 (1).jpg
IMG-9101 (1).jpg
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